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[A][RP-PvP/E] House of Yore is recruiting!

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[A][RP-PvP/E] House of Yore is recruiting! Empty [A][RP-PvP/E] House of Yore is recruiting!

Post by Rhena Mon Jan 16, 2017 1:30 pm

Posters with a blooming white tree on them can be seen throughout Stormwind City. The text on the posters is written with a neat handwriting:
House of Yore is recruiting!
A noble house offers jobs for guards, scholars, merchants and other varied professionals. For more information visit the Pig and Whistle in the old town or send a raven to the Circle.
Matriarch Rhena Oxley
Nerion Strongcrest, Herald
Sehlune Ahrooney, Councillor of Influence
Luxferous Haythorn, Councillor of Affluence
Charlie Blazesong, Councillor of War


The OOC:

What is the House of Yore?
The House of Yore is one of the biggest RP guilds on the server that offers their members weekly events, casual and fun enviroment, raiding and RBG's. We are mostly stationed in Stormwind City and recruit any members of the Alliance.

Well, I am interested, who do I contact?
Rhena, Luxferocious, Charlieblaze, Harchimodes, Sehlune, Bulaxxus and Slimtom handle recruitment or you can ask any of our online members. If none are available you can also apply through the forums at:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

So, events, what are they?
Every tuesday we have an in character guild meeting at 20:00 server time where we do the announcements and promotions, after that we attend the Stormwind City Council at 21:00
On thursdays the merchants and our work in shadows gathers with Luxferous for the Order of the Leaf.
On saturdays the guards, the sturdy and the healers gather with Charlie for the Order of the Oak.
And on sundays the scholars and magic users have an event with Sehlune for the Order of the Root.
Addition to these we do RP-PvP or RBG's on mondays and raid on wednesdays.

I am new to RP, can I still join?
Of course! We are ready to guide you to all things RP.

If you have any more questions you can poke any member online or visit our forums!

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[A][RP-PvP/E] House of Yore is recruiting! Empty Re: [A][RP-PvP/E] House of Yore is recruiting!

Post by Skarain Mon Jan 16, 2017 4:26 pm

Rhena wrote:Posters with a blooming white tree on them can be seen throughout Stormwind City.
Things have certainly changed by the years. Wink

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