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(H) RP-PvP/E House of Yore

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(H) RP-PvP/E House of Yore Empty (H) RP-PvP/E House of Yore

Post by Zackarn Yorelas Fri May 06, 2016 8:50 am

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Disclaimer ~

The House of Yore operates in all areas of the game, it resolves conflict through RP-PvP and actively promotes such ideals, we require all our Yorians to remain flagged for PvP at all times, we do not look kindly on elitism or intolerance toward new RP'ers, or "Heros" who take on outlandish story's for their characters (Being a dragon in disguise, things of this nature) We do however check your story, OOC and ensure it has no lore conflicts and provide options for you to address such conflicts to avoid a lore-lol character.

We are morally Grey, not Black. Edgy rage monsters will not last here, you must seek a balance, not been scared off?

Read on for more details.

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House of Yore ~ Recruitment propaganda

Faithful, enlightened, ambitious… Brethren.

Behold, The once thought fallen House Yorelas has risen from the ashes!

That you should find your eyes drawn to such a proclamation begs the question; Does your soul know it's purpose?

Are you searching for such a cause that transcends the mediocrity that has polluted our world, tainted by the capricious vanity of our forebears and those who followed them into obscurity so many times...

They lacked purity in their purpose, the integrity of ambition is unassailable and absolute.
Affluence and Influence are all, power lies in the hands of they who possess both in abundance and with power, the world may yet yield to your desire, good or ill, honest and deceitful!

Those of you who pledge your service, who prove themselves devoted to our pure intentions shall dictate the course which it shall take.
Yes... You! You may take a place in the council; Freedom and democracy are our watchwords, our goals, simple yet all encompassing.

For no good deed should go un-witnessed.

No wicked act bared witness too...

All that would embolden us, is a worthy endeavor; Prestige and Reputation at the heart of all considerations so that WE may walk with heads held high, proud and defiant in the face of those who would call themselves OUR betters, they who deny you your accolades!

Their are none so worthy of your skills! None more deserving of your loyalty! Then those who would recognize them and reward you for them - I am but the herald of this House; You may Rise to be it's Patriarch, or Matriarch.

Should the best of us, not lead? Such sentiment seemingly self evident but so often is power awarded to them that crawl and grovel, licking at the boot's of their peers and while such tactics certainly have a place; lest we forget that cunning, to, is a virtue of ambition.
It is not the only one that should be rewarded.

But what acts should we undertake, what great crusade or financial venture is worthy of US?

Such decisions lay in the hands of the council and its patriarch/matriarch, for any action undertaken must be approved lest we find ourselves divided in our undertakings and weakened by internal strife.

Relics of power, tomes of forbidden knowledge, the blood soaked grounds of the battle field,

Where they will, do ye go!

Where they walk, do ye follow!

For by such devotions shall your soul find succor, your ambition, it's fruition.
By what means will you contribute to the affluence and influence of this House, YOUR house?
Strength at arms to show our prowess, a silver tongue to further political agenda's, invention and discovery, stealth and guile?

That we have the ability to survive alone is indisputable, but together, we may thrive and flourish!
Seek out this humble herald that I may know your grandeur and share in it - add to it - and direct it toward its desired end!

House Colors ~ Black & White
House Symbol ~ The White Oak (The Pale Tree)
House motto ~ Our Roots run deep, our Branches reach far.

OOC Synopsis ~

To define House of Yore, it would at present be most akin to a trade principality, focused on aggressive expansion. (The Patriarch/Matriarch liken to a trade prince)
While not a predominantly martial entity, it recognizes the necessity for military might in terms of negotiating strength, and forceful acquisition of valued assets (Territory, Trade agreements, Political concessions)

Morally ambiguous or fervently noble, Councilors decide and you, decide by process of election, the unwavering goal of House Yore, is, and always will be; To increase the affluence and influence of the House, it shall approve no action that would jeopardize their political, or financial standing.

War is expensive, it must be worth the cost to the House. By payment or prestige.

Political alliance may leave it victim to social upheavals, we must choose our allies carefully, our enemies even more so.

The Tenets of Yore

The first and most important tenet for all Yorians, to place family above all other concerns, the House -Must- endure, for if it falls, all we have done, all we have struggled and fought for, count's for nothing.

The Second tenet, that we should strive to live up to the promises we have made, the bonds we have forged and not betray our hard won alliances and trust for temporary gain, or frivolous pursuits, for without trust, your word and your honour, are worth nothing.

The third tenet, there is always room to improve, to grow, and as you do so does the House, for we are the culmination of our collective grandeur and they who do not strive for personal betterment not only do them self a disservice, but also all Yorians.

Yorian Codes of Conduct

Even if the person you are speaking with sickens you to your stomach, conduct your self in a polite and civil manner, especially if you dislike them.

"A dagger is more easily concealed with a smile, then a sneer"

To often you may forget the simple courtesy's and rush into discussion without observing proper protocol.

"First impressions are lasting impressions, behave accordingly and begin as you mean to go on"

Always be mindful of your surroundings and your company, too easily misunderstanding evokes offence, watch what you say, where you say it, and who you say it to.

"Discussing the intricacies of necromancy during Sunday mass might be ill advised"

You represent more then your self, you represent the pride of House Yore, honour that burden and make it your satisfaction, clean, polished armour, well maintained equipment and groomed hair.

"To inspire with one's mere presence is the duty of all Nobles of Yore, heads high, defiant and proud"

Ranks and Responsibilities

Considered a free agent and joined to the House by verbal agreement, assigned to an Order of Yore where they will best serve our interests, this clasp is to be worn on the -Right- side of your cloak, bound by our codes and paid according to mission participation

Must first prove them self loyal to our tenets, to be granted the Order of the Branch Clasp, to be worn on the left side of their cloak, above their heart, they must also adorn proper House Attire, to be worn at all times. Payment and personal standing are increased accordingly

A true "Yorian" in the eyes of the House, they may hire new Hirelings, but are also required to perform administrative duties in the field and in rest. They are required for the more sensitive missions and granted authority to reprimand and reward as is due, also required to remain in House Attire at all times in public.

"Having your leg blown off is no excuse for allowing your standards to slip"

Order's of Yore

Order of the Root
Lead by the Councillor of Influence, this order forms the basis of our magical research and development, seeking to reveal the mystery's of the universe, Alchemy, Enchanting, Inscription, The Arcane, Shadow, Elemental planes and more.

"Magic is at the Root of all things"

Order of the Oak
Lead by the Councillor of War, this order calls on those with a sense of duty and loyalty to order and justice, they are the House militant first line of defence against the chaos and those who would seek to destroy what we have built, Soldiers, Healers, garrisoning defences and patrolling strategic interests.

"The Oak of Yore weathers all storms"

Order of the Leaf
Lead by the Councillor of Affluence, this Order takes only those skilled in infiltration, tracking and espionage, for those tasks where we must locate, or remove key objectives, they also form the forward scouting unit when the House goes to War, locating and confirming enemy numbers and offering key targets of weakness for our attack.

"A Leaf on the winds of war, swift and silent"

Order of the Branch
Lead by the Herald of Yore, this order governs the tenets of Yore to which all Yorians are bound, they tend to the spirit of Yore and her family, bestowing wisdom and advocating the strength of unity, they are also our link with the White Oak and the Pale Tree, through them and their guidance are we made strong, through them are our adherence to the tenets judged.

"Beneath our Branches, all make seek sanctuary"

What does the House do?

Monday - Rated Battlegrounds (ICly defending fiefs in ????)
Tuesday - RP; Order of the Branch meeting + Council (Political RP)
Wednesday - Warlords Raiding (ICly seeking spoils of war)
Thursday - (Considered IC pay-day)
Friday - RP; Order of the Oak themed events
Saturday - RP; Order of the Root themed events
Sunday - RP; Order of the Leaf themed events

House Objectives

That information is privileged to Nobles and above, as a Hireling, or a Cousin, you need only know the House's goal is to gain power, through Affluence and Influence and to carve a place for themselves in the Horde Hierarchy, to effect change from within for the good of all Yorians.


Joining the House of Yore is a simple process, you undertake an interview in which you will be asked a set of questions, to help outline your history, motivations and personality.

If we feel you are right for us, then the position of Hireling will be offered, followed by assignment to an "Order of Yore" which we determine based on where your talents will best serve our efforts.

Oak - Warrior / Healer types.
Leaf - Stealthy / Tracker types.
Root - Magic types.

You will then be given a cloak clasp which is to be worn on the -Right- side, to denote the "Work" you do for the House.

This is reflected and decided by your IC class / spec, we are a RP-PvP/E guild, as such there are certain things we can not cater to, for instance if you play a Frost DK who is ICly a Quel'dorei frost mage, we can not accommodate that.

"Such is the work of Nobles, to see the House grow, in strength and in number"

Advancing in House Yore

To become a Cousin, you must first prove your self a "Yorian" at heart, our approval and recognition of that will come by way of your acceptance in to the "Order of the Branch" Which is over seen by the Herald, and they have final say in the matter.

What makes you a Yorian? Putting the House first, you are nothing, your life counts for nothing, you are shadows and dust and when you go, all that will remain is the name of Yore, honour it in your every action, and we shall honour you.

Once you have proven this, you will be awarded a second clasp, baring the Order of the Branch insignia, to be worn on the left side of your cloak, above your heart.

Becoming a Noble

To be lifted into Nobility with our House many things must happen before hand...

1) You must don an appropriate House Attire, to be inspected and approved by the Councillors, as a Noble your appearance is not your own, it is a reflection of House Yore, as such the House has final say in it.

2) Once you have appropriate House Attire, we will then consider offering you the Pact of Yore, this is voted for by the Council, to determine if that individual is fit to join our "Family" in both body and spirit.

The Pact of Yore is made with the White Oak / Pale Tree, not to be taken lightly, or to underestimate the impact it will have on your future.

By this pact you become part of the family, and you must first be accepted by the Guardian spirit of the Tree to be awarded this honour

Becoming a Councillor, Herald, Patriarch / Matriarch

Any person lifted into Nobility is, to us fit to take on these roles, but only the best of us will be chosen to fulfil those roles, to do less dishonours the House and makes us weak.

Much of the command roles are essentially determined by OOC concerns, player activity, social ability, forum activity, community representation, the ability to create, plan and host events, and the field they are considered for is reflected by the role it must take on.

Councillor of Affluence - OOC PvE raiding leader.
Councillor of War - OOC PvP Leader.
Councillor of Influence - OOC RP plots director.

Herald - OOC House of Yore Lore, creating story's and fleshing out the background behind the house, to give it more substance.
Patriarch/Matriarch - OOC Doing everything that is listed above, double checking everyone else's work to make sure it's kept on track.

Leaving the House

As a Hireling, or a Cousin, it's a simple case of stating "I quit" and that is the end of it, for Nobles who have taken the pact however, there are certain ramifications.

Part of the fail safe of the Pact of Yore is, when you are denounced (The Council perform the rite of denouncement, striking your name from the Tree) Any "Sensitive" memories you had, regarding the pact, the location it was held, confidential information you shared in that could compromise the House, are taken.

This is an OOC and an IC condition that you must agree to before we even consider awarding the Pact.
The alternative is us killing your character to prevent that sensitive information being leaked.

We felt memory lose was the better alternative.

In closing

We have met with great success with our Alliance family "Branch" and are now looking to begin the same goal on Horde side, taking advantage of the House History to re-establish a previously thought fallen Sin'dorei Yorian House, we shall see how we get on, hope to see many new Yorians joining the ranks.

For the Glory of Yore!
Zackarn Yorelas
Zackarn Yorelas

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(H) RP-PvP/E House of Yore Empty Re: (H) RP-PvP/E House of Yore

Post by Zackarn Yorelas Fri May 06, 2016 8:53 am

At present I've not begun recruiting in game public channels, this is... The pre-recruitment drive if you will, I've been lucky enough to find a few re-subs who have returned to help me start this up, I'm wondering if perhaps there are a few Horde RP'ers who are interested in seeing where this goes and want to be part of it.

If so you can contact me here, on my B-Tag, where ever you like o/
Zackarn Yorelas
Zackarn Yorelas

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(H) RP-PvP/E House of Yore Empty Re: (H) RP-PvP/E House of Yore

Post by Zackarn Yorelas Sun Jun 05, 2016 2:26 pm

Recruitment Closed

Given the recent increase of new Hirelings the House will be closing it's door to new potentials, though it is still possible to apply through our forum

This is to give us time to train and get to know, the new Hirelings and allow the community within House Yore to galvanize, we hope to be done with in a week, though realistically it may take two.

This change will be in effect from;

6th June - Until further notice

For the Glory of Yore!
Zackarn Yorelas
Zackarn Yorelas

Posts : 324
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(H) RP-PvP/E House of Yore Empty Re: (H) RP-PvP/E House of Yore

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