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[H-RP] Tribes of the Horde

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[H-RP] Tribes of the Horde Empty [H-RP] Tribes of the Horde

Post by Xahneras Tue Mar 07, 2017 7:58 pm

Tribes of the Horde is a new RolePlaying guild that is going to focus on the tribal races within the game, these being the Trolls, Tauren, Orcs and Goblins.

The idea
The guild will function as a community in which the four races can form their own tribes and RolePlay as such. Trolls will represent their own tribes while Tauren will represent their own as well both having different names. Orcs can form a Clan and Goblins will form a cartel or union. If there’s enough population of one race a second or even more of these 'tribes' can be formed. All these tribes are allowed and would be encouraged to interact with each other as they please.

The guild
The guild will be led by four Guildleaders, one for each of the races. These guildleaders will be called 'Lorekeeper' and function as a spiritual leader for their race. Below the guildleaders will be the officers who will lead the tribes present in the guild under the name of 'Chieftain'.  Below the officers all the ranks are named OutOfCharacter: Champion, Veteran, Member and Initiate. InCharacter ranks and to what tribe a member belongs will be put in public notes.

The plan
Until the guild has enough members to form the 'tribes' the guild will function as a warband. Once enough members have joined to form the tribes the warband will disband and everyone goes home.. to their tribes!

Who can join?
Everyone is welcome to join this guild, new or experienced player it does not matter. As stated above the guild will focus mainly on the 'tribal' races this does not mean other races are excluded, and they can even join the RolePlaying if their character fits in. You can join by asking anyone who’s online for an invite


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