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[A] The Greymane Wall

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[A] The Greymane Wall Empty [A] The Greymane Wall

Post by Brandroder Mon Mar 14, 2016 2:05 pm

Hello Defias!
I just started a new gilnean themed guild, my intentions are simple: To create a place for all gilneans and their allies. I have little rp experience (Greymane Resolve guild during Cataclysm), but rp aspects will be included. Experienced rpers or just those who want to unite under one banner are welcome!

Short guild info bellow:

The Wall was built, the Wall was shattered, the Wall still stands. Gilneas will be reborn!

TGW was formed because of the need to unite all those who wander, yet are united by spirit, faith and destiny

The Code:
- Decide well, be responsible for your actions
- Help the weak, yet dont endorse weakness
- fight the undead and reclaim our lands

for our king, for Greymane!


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