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Post by Webbles on Sat Jun 25, 2016 11:42 am

Took a couple of screenshots from the Diplomatic Gathering that happened in Thelsamar on the 25th of June. Surprisingly many showed up despite it being on a Saturday afternoon!

Diplomatic Gathering Wowscr10

Senator Boozeboat, looking very pink to match the Strawberry Summer theme of the event, sipping some frozen strawberry daiquiri and talking to Chancellor Blackforge while waiting for people to show up.

Diplomatic Gathering Wowscr14

Senator Farfield and Senator Felha showed up!

Diplomatic Gathering Wowscr13

Carmtan Nightglade won the exciting and educational sharpshooting contest after a tiebreaker round with Steyen Duskblade, Felha's assistant. The dummies shaped in Khaz Modan's worst pests got what they deserved; and so did the winner - he was awarded a shiny new Forge N' Session large calibar hunting rifle with barrel blade attachment!

Diplomatic Gathering Wowscr11

After the contest, the participants went indoors to enjoy the Strawberry stuffed foods and to chat about diplomatic matters and general things.

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