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[A] Theatre of Blood

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[A] Theatre of Blood Empty [A] Theatre of Blood

Post by Naroma Wed Aug 17, 2016 5:11 pm

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The < Theatre of Blood >

The Theatre of Blood is an Alliance guild made up primarily of Spies and Assassins. They work for the Alliance government; rooting out wanted criminals and using subterfuge and assassination against the Horde to forward the Alliance's aims.

The Theatre of Blood recruit all races and classes into their fold. - Mages and Warriors are can be just as capable of our arts as those sneaky Rogues, everyone has something to contribute to our ranks.
We are a morally grey guild that performs its own operations in addition to following the orders of the Alliance Government where applicable.
We are a long standing RP guild dating back to the early Wrath of the Lich King expansion.
Our ranking system is aimed at giving members a rewarding path of progression through our ranks; with each new step, a recruit gains both standing and responsibility. Our ranks are also geared at giving members the chance for character development as they progress higher in their standing with the guild.

The majority of our events are aimed at moving against the enemies of the Alliance, typically a scouting mission will precede an 'Operation' - giving members the chance to take part in planning, for better or for worse. Failure is, importantly, always an option; poor plans and execution are justly defeated, whilst initiative and fast-thinking are greatly rewarded. We have some very good strategists in the guild at current, each scouting mission presents a puzzle that these members, and you, will overcome.

The code and philosophy of the Theatre:

Theme of events:

Our events and storylines take us all over Azeroth, though we tend to base ourselves in Stormwind when not out in the field, taking part in community events and random RP when storylines aren't underway.

With the release of Legion upcoming we're looking for new agents to join our ranks, if you're interested contact Naroma, Oacenth or Webbles in game.

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