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[H] Ashal Anore - RP-PvP

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[H] Ashal Anore - RP-PvP Empty [H] Ashal Anore - RP-PvP

Post by Dolerien Thu Apr 07, 2016 6:34 am

Ashal Anore - For Our People

Among the first to venture through the Dark Portal to Draenor, the Sin’dorei of Ashal Anore worked tirelessly to defend the mausoleum fortress of Auchindoun alongside the Sunsworn, and since Archimonde’s defeat, most have been aiding in the reconstruction on Draenor. Pockets of Legion and Shadow Council resistance still exist. Shattrath is still in their hands, for the most part. But thanks to the Sin’dorei’s aid, Auchindoun remains safe, and the Blood Elves have finally repaid their debt to the Draenei, for Velen’s part in reigniting the Sunwell. Albeit to Draenei of a parallel timeline.

Returning to Quel’thalas, Ashal Anore has found that in their absence, the eternal kingdom has been falling into despair. Rogue Amani wander the forests, preying upon travellers. The Scourge remnants have been bolstered by a recent influx of cultists fleeing the Argent Crusade to the South. Even the Wretched are more active in the haunting ruins of Western Silvermoon.

While the Sunreaver Incursion was applauded for their promotion of an aggressive defence of Thalassian borders, the Elves of Ashal Anore recognise the dreadful algebra of necessity, that the Sin’dorei must look to protect themselves from the dangers within its own borders, before concerning itself with those without.

Ashal Anore is a group of ideological similar Sin’dorei, an organisation that works to promote Sin’dorei aims throughout the world. The group has several aims:

  • The elimination of the enemies of Quel’thalas
  • The recovery and use of powerful artefacts, for the benefit of Quel’thalas
  • The restoration of Quel’thalas’ glory
These aims are broad, but are designed to inspire any and all Sin’dorei to join them, to aid in their objectives to promote Thalassian ideals.

OOC: Ashal Anore stays true to the nature of the realm as an RP-PVP realm. While we RP as a Sin’dorei only guild, we do have an entirely OOC rank for the other races for the purposes of maximising our PvP ability.

Sin'Dorei School

For those new to Blood Elf RP,  or RP in general,  we will offer lessons in background lore, both Blizzards and our own server lore, as well as rekindling the popular Lectures of Flame, a series of talks on the nature, methods and effects of magic, and the history of Azeroth, its flora and fauna.


1. Keep IC stuff IC, and OOC stuff OOC, there’s nothing worse than a bit of quality hateful RP that the participants let ruin their friendship. Similarly, letting an argument outside the narrative spill over to make your characters hate each other ruins RP for the rest of us.  Stop it.
2. Thalassian is the primary language of Quel’thalas, please use it predominantly, switch to Orcish at your discretion.
3. Do not power RP at all. You're not the demonspawn offspring of Arthas and Alexstrasza. Also under this rule, do not RP that you have authority over anyone outside the guild, unless they’re up for it. Some of the best RP I've seen has been someone lording it over others. Just make sure all parties are compliant. This is very much a give and take rule. A Farstrider Captain, for instance, will have authority over normal members of the Order, etc. Just use your common sense.
4. Armour isn’t armour if it’s not covering your skin, doesn’t matter how enchanted it is. Just think about it.
5. Have fun. Yes, it’s a rule. If you feel your character is stagnating, and logging in feels like a chore, think about taking a break.
6. PvPers: We ask that anyone applying to Ashal Anore as a PvPer use their main. While not absolutely crucial, we do have a strong faction pride that we’re hoping to use to our advantage in our RP-PvP campaigns.


Recruitment follows two paths depending on your want. As stated above, we will take all Sin'dorei regardless of level and class as RPers. PvPers, we invite any and all Horde players to join us in Battlegrounds, Arenas and Ashran.

So, how to join:

Simply send one of our officers a message asking to join. You’ll be asked a few simple questions, your character name, class, and level, about your experience at roleplaying, and what you already know of the Sin’dorei lore.

Again, simply ask one of our officers to sign you up. We don’t particularly mind if you’re not that experienced, ours guys will soon whip you into shape and have you slaughtering Wrynn’s minions night and day.

P.S. Forgive me starting a new thread, but I thought it pertinant since information has changed and if I simply altered the OP, the thread would be all to pot.

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[H] Ashal Anore - RP-PvP Empty Re: [H] Ashal Anore - RP-PvP

Post by Seregolas Sun Jun 19, 2016 11:43 pm


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