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[A][Guildless] The Yorian Resistance

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[A][Guildless] The Yorian Resistance Empty [A][Guildless] The Yorian Resistance

Post by Edwin Manaspark Wed Feb 24, 2016 6:45 pm

Word spreads quickly these days, talk in the taverns, on the streets. Of rumours, some lies, some with but a shred of truth in them. One such rumour is the dark heart of Yore, the puppetmaster with the Council's strings. Perhaps such things are just stories, devoid of truth in the slightest, yet what if they were not?

My name is Edwin Manaspark, and I know of this darkness, such a shadow that threatens the very Alliance itself. Yet I am one man, and even my Army lacks the numbers. Would you but aid my cause, as any noble soul would, any who still care?

The Yorian Resistance is an organisation not bound by existing guilds - as such, joining does not require you to leave an existing group. In fact, being in another guild and the Resistance is very much encouraged. OOCly, my aim is to encourage more RP outside of guild boundaries, so alliances with other groups are welcome.

Our main event is the fortnightly Resistance Meeting, held at Kharanos, on Wednesdays at 8:00. Other than that, events are created in response to happenings within other guilds or events, or even random tavern RP.

The Army of Manaspark and the Yorian Resistance are two separate organisations, though the Army leads the Resistance. Any individual or guild is welcome to apply to join the Yorian Resistance - turning up to the meetings is encouraged but not required, and there is no uniform of sorts.

To join, simply contact Edwin ICly, either find him around the cities or send him a letter. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible, and you'll most likely be accepted unless there is obvious reason for IC distrust. After ICly joining, I will send you a calendar invite to the meetings.

Of course, the Army guild still exists, and anyone is still more than welcome to join.
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