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[A][RP-PVP] Port of Empire

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[A][RP-PVP] Port of Empire Empty [A][RP-PVP] Port of Empire

Post by Wuulf Sun Jan 24, 2016 11:43 pm

Port of Empire is looking for fresh warriors!


Port of Empire is a very new RP-PvP clan looking for people to join its ranks.

We are going to be very social, we enjoy RP, PvP, Questing, Dungeons, Raids and everything in between.

We show no biased, we are all one for the cause.

What do we do?

Port of Empire does not limit you to what you do. We host everything, mainly RP events which will be noted on the MOTD to state date and location.

We do not want you to not do something, do what you feel. Collect, quest or raid to your hearts content.


In Port of Empire, we have a large hierarchy based around Scandinavian culture.

High King / High Queen: The Founders/Stronghold of this clan.

Hersir: Only Chosen by The High King/Queen or Jarl, Leading General.

Radningar (Rad): Strong Warrior,has proven his/her loyalty and strength during raids/pvps and is respected by his/her members, Available to Train Others.

Aesir: Strong Elite Members, Willing to train other fellow clan members.

Vanir: Strong Elite members, Not willing to train other fellow clan members.

Huskarl: Veteran Warrior, has proven his/her loyalty and skills and is considered a trusted member, can be chosen to lead raids/wars by any of the above, excluding the Aesir/Vanir.

Valkyrie (Brk/Vlk): Veteran, given to those who have shown an outstanding attitude, skill, dedication and is considered a trusted member. You may be a subject for a higher rank. This rank is “Berserker” or “Valkyrie” dependent on your character’s gender. This rank is only given to people who play the game on a highly active basis.

Viking: Fierce Fighter who has proved himself through PvP's and raids, Only given to those who are active most of the time.

Thegn: Experienced Warrior yet needs further training.

Fru: Initiate, those who have not yet proved themselves to the clan. Members of this rank or lowere will not fight in offensive or defensive battles.

You work, you earn entrance and work more to raise up ranks.

The higher you are, the more benefits you have.

Where to find us / Uniform

We do not have uniform as of yet, all that does come may only be asked to be worn at events however we prefer you to don a tabard at all times.

You may find us at the Pig and Whistle Tavern in Stormwind Old Town. From there you may only ask for permission and you will be taken through the interview.

Myself, Wuulf, the leader and High Kind will be there on all days available, from 10 GMT to 10:15 pm. If you want, feel free to contact me direct.

Also post on this thread so we can organize.

Good look all and happy hunting.


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[A][RP-PVP] Port of Empire Empty Re: [A][RP-PVP] Port of Empire

Post by siegmund Mon Jan 25, 2016 9:52 am

Feel free to post up a recruitment post on the DB et. al forums as well [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] . Also there is a guild list there of active guilds you can be added to [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] . A good way to get the word out for any new guild.

But all in all good luck in your endevors.

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