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Post by Greasly Thu Sep 08, 2016 11:49 pm

The Reliquary is Hiring!

Subjects of the Horde; by mandate of the Dark Lady Sylvanas, Warchief of the Horde and Queen of the Forsaken, the Reliquary is staging an archaeological expedition to the Broken Isles. In a region so rich in relics of untold might, it is of utmost importance that they are claimed for the Horde (and not the Alliance). This endeavour entails drastic expansion, and as such, the Reliquary is opening it's doors to new applicants.

Who we are

The Reliquary is Azeroth's leading archaeological authority. Anyone saying otherwise is probably Alliance scum. Originally formed in Silvermoon City by the famously handsome sorceror Tae'thelan Bloodwatcher, the Reliquary has grown immensely from those humble roots in Silvermoon's bureaucratic elite. Now the Reliquary is a centrally placed and integral agency of the Horde, and some say, the Warchief's favourite.

Above all else, the Reliquary is passionate about looting all of the powerful and shiny things, and locking them away from filthy Alliance hands. If that calling inspires you too, maybe we're the organisation for you.

You: The Ideal Candidate

As per the Dark Lady's diversity initiative, to which the Reliquary conforms enthusiastically, placement at the Reliquary is open to all races of the Horde. The new Reliquary offers an aggressively open work environment for all of the Horde's minions, with a zero-tolerance policy for stench-based slurs, (that's right, even youcan join!)

We welcome candidates of diverse skillsets, too; all of our departments are currently hiring - excavations, research, digsite security, acquisitions, void engineering, fel binding and more! Whatever your background, there's good work to be done with the Reliquary.

Specifically, we'd like to call out to the Horde's most recent inductees, the Illidari: your skills are valued, your methods will not be questioned. Disciples of the Black Harvest and Knights of the Ebon Blade, this goes for you too. Additionally, The Reliquary does not perform criminal record background checks, for what it's worth.

Regardless of the candidate, we ask but three things:

  • Loyalty to the Horde, and the Warchief Sylvanas
  • An interest and/or experience in Archaeology
  • A 'can do' attitude (particularly with regard to organisational ethics, academic integrity, and workplace health and safety)

How do I sign up?

To sieze on this exciting opportunity you need but contact Examiner Sunrage (Executive Examiner for the Broken Isles Expedition) with a summary of your skillset and experience.

From there, you'll be required to undertake some basic archaeological training. Don't worry, we're not sticklers for details like those bores at the Explorer's League - "loot before lore" is a favourite motto of ours, it's all going in the Grand Vault anyway.

Finally, you'll be assigned a test custom tailored to your specific candidate profile, just as soon as you sign your inductee's waiver.

Join , see the world, meet interesting people, kill them and take their stuff! Apply now!

TL;DR wrote:Guild name: The Reliquary
Guild leader and contacts: Sunrage, Siaraen, Finnaen
Short description: The Reliquary is Azeroth's leading archaeological authority. Anyone saying otherwise is probably Alliance scum. As per the Dark Lady's diversity initiative, the Reliquary is now open to all races of the Horde. If hoarding the wonders of the world in a secret vault inspires you, the Reliquary might be the organisation you're looking for.
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