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[A][RP] <Westfall Trading Co> (criminal)

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[A][RP] <Westfall Trading Co> (criminal) Empty [A][RP] <Westfall Trading Co> (criminal)

Post by Beruna Fri Apr 01, 2016 11:57 am

Thieves, smugglers, burglars,robbers, rogues, slavers, dealers and other criminal types.
We are looking for you to expand our ranks and support Stormwind underground. Why work hard and being gawked from your boss constantly, while you can make coin much easier and have fun while doing it?

Who we are ?
Westfall Trading Co is Mafia- type Criminal guild. We are officially trading company, where highest rank members are bussinesmans and lowers are their hands as Sellers, Caravan Leaders, Ship Captains and so. But secretly we use our bussines background for our criminal activities. Our zone of operations is Stormwind and Elwynn forest. Our crime group is known as .

Why we found the guild?

We believe there is lack of pure evil active guild on Ally side on DB. Also Stormwind is overcrowded by guard guilds (House of Yore, Ninth Company, Stormwind Regiment and maybe others) adne we have even Stormwind city laws ( [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] ). But crimes in Stormwind is random mostly and not organized. We want to change it. We believe it would benefit both sides, because Guards would have many space for full use of their potential and we wont have to create artificial obstacles during our events. It is so much fun when we have to hide from guards while they are patrolling on the streets!

What is our RP about?

Official bussines - we are traders officially, so we have to run our bussines activities. There are many fields to RP. Organizing trading activities, conclude trade agreements, diplomacy with officials of the city, expanding our bussines activities, leading our caravans and ship, guarding warehouse and so on.

Illegal activities - Smuggling ilegal goods into the city, good old-school pickpocketing, stealing, robbery , burglary, demanding protection money, bribing officials, dealing illegal goods (eg. Drugs), assaults, kidnaping and other criminal activities.

We have 2 type of events:

Planned- which is anounced on guild calendar. In that cases we alert Guard guild so they can join and make the event more interesting. It makes it feel real when real guards are patrolling the city, while you smuggle contraband into the city.

Random - In the evening, when we feel we want some fun, we just dress up in our criminal oufit and have fun in the night Stormwind. We also try to contact some guards if they want to join. Example: We robbed owner of the bar "Blue recluse" in front of his bar. Noone would probably notice that, but we contacted guard who was on patrol and gave him hint to come around Blue recluse. He met owner and owner reported him what happened.

Who can join?
Any character appropriate our theme. No class restriction or race. I would like to see some priest as our "Doctor" who can heal anything. Yes you heard it, anything. Only class where i have no idea, are paladins. They should have reason to join us, but if you will come with logical explanation, we will be happy to accept you!

Who we dont accept?
Of course good character.(No comment). Also we dont accept Overpowered characters who could kill entire city, steal King´s Crown from the King´s head in the middle of official ceremony etc... You need to have IC reason to join us (Poverty, lifestyle or just want some bussines and so) Smile

How can i join?
IC - Well, depends who you want to join. If you want to join as tradesman its much easier. Just contact us ingame and we will arrange the meeting where we can talk about what we can offer each other.
You want to join our criminal part? Well, it won´t be so easy. We are not legal guild as House of Yore for example, where you can see their recruitment poster on every corner in Stormwind. If you want to find us, you have to look for us. Ask beggars, dockhands, look for suspicious types. You may hear about our criminal activities so you may decide to come on the crime scene and look for clues. Any of the way listed can lead you to us.

Contact us and we will tell you what you can do. We will probably RP your process of finding us and eventually recruti you. We are RP-friendly guild, new Rp-ers are welcome, we will help them to get into Criminal-RP. Smile


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