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[H] Sunreaver Incursion

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[H] Sunreaver Incursion Empty [H] Sunreaver Incursion

Post by Guest Tue Feb 23, 2016 12:17 pm

The is a guild that has been created for RPers, RP/PvPers and PvPers alike by people unable to find what they were looking for on Horde side and wanting to remain on Defias Brotherhood. We are open to all classes and races of the Horde.

Guild Lore - We are a new driving force, both politically and militarily, based in Silvermoon and founded by the remnants of the Sunreavers. Our purpose is to continue the Sunreaver onslaught. We support the Horde but strive for the Sin'dorei to have a more powerful role as part of the Horde although we accept all races due to our allegiance to the Horde. Structure-wise, our Lord Commander is Lor'themar Theron and although Aethas Sunreaver remains a leading figure among many of the Sunreavers, for us it is only Lor'themar that we report to.

PvPers - We want this to be a place you can find your arena partners, be it casual or rated. If we get enough then RBGs are a possibility too. Feel free to tag along on RP/PvP missions, all we ask is that you respect those that wish to RP even if you want to come along as the strong, silent, killing type. Join us and you'll be ranked as "Champion" and can wear whatever tabard you wish, we have no RP requirements of you.

RP & RP/PvPers - I won't bore you with Sunreaver lore, you'll either know enough about it or can easily google to find out enough to get started with us. We support the Horde although your IC reasons for joining us will vary - we are keen to support IC (as well as OOC) diversity. We will have missions and events aimed at RPers as well as RP/PvP missions into Alliance territory to support the IC aims of the guild. Join us as a "Sunreaver" rank and progress through the IC ranks over time - the minimum we ask is that you farm the Sunreaver tabard (Isle of Thunder) to be ranked as a full member. You can join as an Initiate prior to that, still a part of the guild but given less IC responsibility.

We are not uptight on your RP and/or PvP skills and are happy to take the new as well as experienced into our ranks. We're looking to build a friendly and tolerant environment above all else.

The guild has been founded by four former GLs of active RP, RP/PvP and PvP guilds so we've a bit of experience among us to cover all that we want to achieve.


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