[A] Uthers Pilgrimage, Sunday 16th September 20:00

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[A] Uthers Pilgrimage, Sunday 16th September 20:00

Post by Maelmoor on Thu Sep 06, 2018 12:43 pm

*posters can be seen in Stormwind, Ironforge and other Alliance settlements*

"Uthers Pilgrimage
Once again we have the pleasure to invite you to Uthers Pilgrimage, this time it will be for the 11th time we take on this epic spiritual voyage in the name of Uther and the Light. Maybe you want to join to honour Uther and the Light, maybe cause you want to learn more, maybe for some other reason. No matter what you are most welcome to join on us on this pilgrimage. Make sure to leave any mounts at home.

We will gather by the Cathedral stairs in Stormwind, on Sunday, eight bells in the evening.

Best Regards
Maelmoor Lightbringer and the Holy Lightbringers"


Date and time: Sunday 16th September 20:00
Location: Stormwind Cathedral

For any questions feel free to contact me!

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