[A] RP Event: The Colour Out of Space.

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[A] RP Event: The Colour Out of Space.

Post by Flemk on Tue Jul 10, 2018 6:04 am

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The Color Out of Space

Ninth Company Report

Reporting Officer: Ren'Belore Voidsong.
Reported by: Shan'do Sinorius.
Date and Time: 8th July, around ten's bell post meridian.

Report state

Occurred event:
The night elf Sinorius, currently staying in the Twilight Grove presented himself in old town's barrack in date 8th July around ten's bell post meridian.
The elf reported the presence of an undefined entity in a farm located in closed proximity of  Stormwind city. Such entity in the night elf opinion is believed to be a feral creature of some kind. He claimed to have never either seen this creature or have ever met something like this, but he claims to have strong evidences that something is lurking in the farm area.
As he was asked about the evidences, he reported about a restlessness behavior of the fauna and a slowly decaying state of the land.
Not being familiar with the Stormwind's lands, the night elf wasn't able to point the exact location of the farm.
The night elf is available at the given location for further questions.

OOC and Infos:

This is supposed to announce a RP event soon to start. The report will very soon been announced at the Stormwind Council and the investigation might start soon after.
Contact me, Flemk, if you are willing to take part to this event.

Further informations will be posted down here.

Simple rules:
The event is supposed to be a first attempt in organizing an "horror" adventure.
There will be no life points but each participant will have three sanity point. Each encounter which could potentially scare the character might remove a certain number of these points.
Once all the points will expire the character will be considered unable to continue his part in the event.

PS: I hope someone understood the reference here!


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Re: [A] RP Event: The Colour Out of Space.

Post by Mallucis on Fri Sep 07, 2018 1:07 am

Couple of years later, IC:

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