[A] Knowing Stormwind - Monday 9th April at 20:30 Server Time

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[A] Knowing Stormwind - Monday 9th April at 20:30 Server Time

Post by Flemk on Thu Apr 05, 2018 8:39 am

The following letter can be found affixed on each Stormwind's message board. It reports the council's seal and it's signed by Flemk Meserath, minister of the Internal Affairs. In each of the districts also, speakers can be found reading at loud voice the same document for those who are not able to read.

In occasion of the new alliances forged by our kingdom, the ministry of the internal affairs has decided to organize a welcoming party for our new guests.
This celebration aims to facilitate their inclusion in our daily routine, to shorten the distances between us and them and to help them to better know our uses, our city and the laws that helps us to live in harmony.
This celebration will take place on Monday ninth April half past the eight bell of evening in the park BEHIND Stormind's cathedral. Everyone is welcome and invited to participate so to help our integration.
The program of the celebration will be the following and foods and  drinks will be also offered for free paid by the royal treasury:
Welcoming speech and short talk about the history of our new allies
Will be then faced more ordinary matters to illustrate to our guests how the Alliance society is structured:

Social structure of the city
How to properly address someone
Physical structure of the city
Restricted areas and eventual magically enchanted areas
How to open a commercial activity and concerning duties
List of opened commercial activity
Stormwind laws and where they can be found
Who is allowed to enforce the laws
How someone should expect to be addressed when dealing with laws
Description of military ranks and how to behave in military orders
List of orders and guilds that composes the city
The celebration will then be concluded with typical musics and danced of both our cultures.

To avoid any unexpected, disrespectful and inappropriate behavior toward our guests the council remind that any defamation or verbal assault will be prosecuted under laws 3.5, 3.6, 3.10, 3.13, 3.16 and 3.17 which regards Harassment, Defamation, and inappropriate social behavior.
To better fulfill our tasks, any open commercial activity and order is requested to communicate its existence by sending a letter either to the minister of internal affairs Flemk Meserath (Flemk-venture&co) or to the minister of trade Rue Xing, sending information about the leader of the organization or shop, and the position of the main site of the organization or activity in order to prevent someone from being left out.
We hope this to be a very pleasant celebration that not only can help the integration of our new friends, but that could also help us to remember how our city works.


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