[A/H] To Lordaeron

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Re: [A/H] To Lordaeron

Post by Aleksa on Sat Jun 23, 2018 7:31 pm

Week 9, Day 6.
Starting Region Hillsbard Foothills
Starting Location Durnholde Keep

As i was not present in mist of events, i can only bring to tables what i've got.

After hearing some rumors my Diplomat Nemuss organized scouts of Alliance of Lordaeron and our allies, to question this rumors up.
So company was formed, company lead by our First Scout Resoss.
They gathered in Durnholde keep and started following trails that they could find.
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There is not much they could tell me about what happened, more they strogguled to solve the puzzle, more dangerous and frightning it become.
The worst was letter we found:
Captain Efren Poorgame:

Andorhal Report
Genearal we are begining to loose more men than we can aford to hold Andorhal with Alliance retaking Durnhold Keep they have more supplies and reinforcments than ever before.
In order to combat this, we have risen General Hath of fallen Kingdom of Alterac. I personaly was oversighting of his excavation and resurection. Once the he is more accustomed to his new body we plan to retake Alterac from the infesting Ogres in order to cutoff Alliance dogs with their supplies from Durnhold.
I have sent out scouts to Durnhold keep to make sure that Alliance shall not know of our plans.
General we will be requiring additional solders to purge Alterac from ogres. As well as a Valkyrie to start raising the population of the fallen kingdom to boulster our ranks.
Captain Efren Poorgame

As soon i found out about this, preparations were in order.
I did not know how, when or where to defeat him, but it had to be done as quickly as possible.

Week 10, Day 5.

I organized as much forces i could in time given, my plan was ready.
Scouts brought news of General Hath being in Altrac Keep, with small set of troops guarding city and its walls.

Battle plan:
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Main force was to come with me, we start by raiding
Eastpoint Tower:
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then continue further North into the mountain
passing into mountains:
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, when reaching first tower in Altrac, force will split Captain Tudo and Ranger General Elleyna Netherbow will go from left side and climb onto city walls using holls already made there. They shall rain arrows on our enemies. Rest of my army will head towards main gate where they face off against General Hath-s army.
In Fenris Keep Marshal Gerarth will gather what man he can, and together with Corporal Andris he will sail and hit Altrac Keep from third possition.

Plan was working, we moved accordingly...
We moved inside inner Keep, there we did find General as it was said we will.
Just when we thought we killed him... We realized it was just image! Created by a warlock.
Two soldiers ran up to me asking me to climb onto keep and take a look around...
There was sea of undead all around us. They filled Altrac... We lost.

I was lured into a trap, there was nothing we could do... With little clear mind i had left in that moment, i gave orders for everyone to mount and ride, push their way through our escape route.
On my signal gates were open, we rushed out killing everything in our path, but their waves seemed endless. Gerarth came to me saying there is no way out. We are about to be overrun. It was in that moment that i have spoted General Hath, commanding Captain, no Grand Marshal Tudo to lead others to safety, Marshal Gerarth and I together with Lordaeron's Knights charged through ranks of undead thus buying our friends and allies time to retreat.

Even today, when i think of it... I see it as a victory.
Enormous number of lives was lost that day, including my oldest friend Gerarth, I've been taken prisoner... But forsaken payed more grimmer price. They have lost up to seven times our man and their General.

Events up until 11th week of our campaign, Day 7, are unclear to me.
I was presumed dead, kept in Undercity so they could experiment on me.
My friends and allies managed to capture someone Forsaken admired, so exchange was made. On that 11th Week, 7th day of our campaign i saw sunlight once again.

Week 14, Day 3.

Since my return, there was not much to do. I rested trying to heal my wounds as they have been grevious. 20th May Year 635 by King's Calendar, we agreed to honor my brother at arms Jove Razorbak with Stormgarde Keep thus marking him Jove Razorbak Lord of Stormgarde.

Week 14, Day  5.

Hillsbard LEGEND map:
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Under Jove's leadership we agreed it is time to return and focus on our campaign in North.
Captain Reyxor and few of his loyalists stayed back in Stormgarde to take care of supplies, while my troops and those of Captain Jove moved towards our first goal. Eastpoint Tower, even tho it was severlly weakend by our last attack it still proposed great threat to us, so we began by attacking that.

Captain Jove lead main force into charge, that force contained three dwarfs from dwarven secret brigade, so their names will stay a secret; Tikele, human paladin, recruit to the Ninth Company; Tyllaniell, a deamon hunter and First Scout Resoss.
They were to face off against ten Forsaken Footman, ten Forsaken Archers and five Forsaken Deathguard.

When two armies clashed at Eastpoint tower i used that situation to lead my cavalry and strike undead from behind.

We achieved glorious victory there, but it costed us two Lordaeron Knights.
From there Recruit Tikele, Captain Jove, First Scout Resoss and I continued alone followed by what remained of my knights.
Our next target was Southshore.
It still pains me to even think about what those rotten bastards did to it...
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After we defeated undead in Southshore, Elleyna brought reinforcement from Fenris by ships using North Tides Beachhead as harbor.
7th and 4th army brigades from Stormwind started siege of Tarren Mill securing our flank so we could move safely.
Elleyna and her rangers were sent to Azurelode mine, where they found alive humans but traped.
Small group of my reinforcement stayed in Southshore guarding it, majority i sent to clear The Sludge Fields and Sludgeguard tower so we could connect with wizards hiding in Dalaran Crater.
Recruit Tikele stayed in Southshore to try and clense earth from plague.
Captain Jove, Frist Scout Resoss and me with twenty-five Lordaeron Knights and tewnty-five Elleynas Void Elf Rangers marchet to Southpoint Gate.
We raided it in almost a no time as their defenses were fairly weak.
Southpoint Gate:
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Rangers were installed on towers to keep an eye out for any Forsaken that tries to run away. My cavalry has returned and we have made encampment in crossroads broken tower, near Southshore.
Tomorrow we march on Tarren Mill and Alterac.
May the Light grant us victory.

Lord Aleksa Wrathblade

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Re: [A/H] To Lordaeron

Post by Reyxor/Dlaqev/Lucag on Sun Jul 15, 2018 9:15 am

Thus it happened, Alliance reclaimed Aerie Peak, with a large scale assault of combined forces of Khaz Modan, Alliance of Lordaeron and Stormwind, with volunteers in addition.

The battle was hard, but due to the amount of soldiers the Alliance was able to gather, the Horde forces were defeated and Aerie Peak reclaimed.

Tried some hobby animation, lots of things to tweak still, but I decided to put it as it was without polishing overly. In addition the grand campaign map is in the intro. In the end some screenshots too. Takes a few minutes to watch.

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