Outsiders view of your event in Arathi Highlands

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Outsiders view of your event in Arathi Highlands

Post by Tiee on Wed May 25, 2016 6:43 am

Hey people.
I'm sorry if I shouldn't have made a new topic for this, but here goes.
I was playing on my druid on allieside at defias in Arathi Highlands when I saw a bunch of gatherings which  ended up as a big pvp fight, which I found insanely fun to watch.
So I did a recap of my view of it and posted it on the official defias forum, but some nice bloodelf told me I could look here if I wanted some more information and also repost my view of ordeal. So hear goes.

A week or two ago I was drifting around Arathi Highlands on my fine, peace-loving druid in training. Minding my own, sniffing flowers and all other druidthings they told me I need to appreciate to be allowed to sit at their stub during dinnertime.

On the road I saw a small army of dwarfs, humans and maybe even a gnome (I couldn't tell – they are really insignificant... well I mean tiny of course). They were shouting and cheering and seemed oddly satisfied with being who they were, even though one was a dwarf. Naturally I picked a flower and took a seat close by to see if they were starting some feast. I was getting hungry of course. Been out there for hours by myself. They did put out a feast. Unfortunately, I wasn’t invited to participate. Doesn’t matter, it looked awful anyway.

Besides the obvious hatred they felt for my adorable presence, it all felt calm, cozy and oddly familiar.
I couldn’t help myself reminiscence about my life, many years ago, when I used to spend my time up in the Highlands, that was obviously before I discovered the primary use of these flowers.
Back then I mostly used them, or other plants, to brew tea for very energetic reasons. You’d be amazed how much more you can do in a short span of time when you get a lil’ bit of “green dragon” in your veins.
I digress…

Back then I remembered sitting by a campfire, talking with the guards, friendly humans, stuck up dwarfs (who did have an insane amount of loose gold in their pockets though) drinking ale with the night elves and some else. Gnomes I think, not sure. I mean sure, some of them are alright, but come on. They don’t send the best of them up to hang with the rest of us, now do they?

Hours after hour past, telling stories about wars that were and never went away. Battlefields where the horde and allies fought against each other for hours, days, weeks depending on what was at stake.
The fighting was brutal, nasty, grueling. Families were ripped apart (granted mostly because of the obvious addiction to alcohol the dwarfs seem to have), but even the most thorn down warriors remembered one thing that made it bearable.
Just one small thing, in the field of battle, which made up for the hate, the lost limbs, the gnomes.
It was the honor of the fight. The honor in defeating your enemy, accepting their loss and moving back home from the battlefield to lick their wounds and regroup. Yes, regroup! For we knew that there was no end, there was no morning. There was, nor will there ever be, peace. We may dream of it in our hearts, we may yearn for it. But we know, that for us, the warriors. There were only two things. Revenge, and War!

So once again, I’m sitting with my flower, looking at the warriors of the now, cheering, feasting and dancing with no worries in the world, and I feel sad. Joy because of the change that they can actually be able to sit here, enjoying life and forgetting history. But sad, because my life has become a side-note of history. A mark amongst marks which, if not already, will be forgotten.

I sigh and hear a rumble. Thunder must be coming.

I look up and see that the feast has stopped. Ears are twitching, noses try to smell what can not be seen. A Dwarf dropped his mug of ale, which I didn’t even know was even physically possible. “What is going on?” I heard a butterfly, or gnome, whisper.

My eyes went to the mug of ale, still slowly falling to the ground. It felt like it had been falling for minutes.
“Arm yourself maggots!” I heard the dwarf scream. “WE FIGHT HERE!”

Everyone around him had already armed themselves with swords, daggers, staves, shields and spells ready to be cast.

The gnome I thought was a butterfly suddenly grew, not literally, ten feet with a snarl on his face I’m going to have nightmares about for years to come.

The mug hit the ground.

The gnome leapt from the ground and swirled, straight up in to the air, where I could see nothing but void, swung his daggers in a speed I couldn’t fathom and stroke down, inches away from the dwarfs big red nose which most likely smelled like pure ale. The daggers got stuck midair. Two large wholes appeared and the only thing you could see was blood gushing out, straight over the dwarfs face. A hunter in the back had already started shooting up his flare, but this was the first time you could actually see what was around them all.

The blood came from a scarred orc with muscles as big as the gods themselves, his head was bent down and he was still breathing. But the daggers had hit hard and his eyes had started to flicker.
Our gnome took out his dagger, leaped up again to find his next victim.
There was nothing else for this gnome, only his next mark for death.

There were no flowers.

There were no feasts.

There were only warriors, and the revenge had just begun.
So ye I was thinking about this today and though I need to find a way to get in touch with those guild. First of all to congratulate them in what seemed to be an excellent event. But also to see if I there would be a possibility to join in with one of my alts to join you in these types of fights!
Unfortunately I don't remember the guildnames, but I'm hoping someone where will.

Keep up the fun, you made my night a LOT better!



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Re: Outsiders view of your event in Arathi Highlands

Post by Zackarn Yorelas on Wed May 25, 2016 7:13 am

From the Alliance

The Ninth Company
Clans of Khazmodan
Theater of Blood
The Last Chancers

From the Horde

House of Yore
Red Reach Raiders
Anshal Anore
Venomspine Pariahs
Seven Riders

Welcome to the forum mate, there is a wealth of information here and it can be a little disorientating, but any questions, feel free to ask
Zackarn Yorelas
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Re: Outsiders view of your event in Arathi Highlands

Post by Tiee on Wed May 25, 2016 7:06 pm

THank you for the response. I'll contact one of the above!
Now I need to run up on your forums a bit!


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Re: Outsiders view of your event in Arathi Highlands

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