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The Seats - Info and Vacancies Empty The Seats - Info and Vacancies

Post by Webbles on Wed May 04, 2016 10:46 am

in case the new seats confuse you:

The following changes were made on the 14th of April, 2016.
  • The Seats of War and Law were merged into the Seat of Order
  • The Seats of Magic and Religion were merged into the Seat of the Occult
  • The Seats of Arms and Trade were merged into the Seat of Transactions
  • The Seats of Ambassador and Tradition were merged into the Seat of Relations
  • The Seats of Exploration and Treasury were merged into the Seat of Artifacts


The Seat of Artifacts: Azapha Hutchins (Azapha-DefiasBrotherhood)

The Seat of Artifacts handles the archaeological and demographic knowledge about Azeroth, and serves as a liaison between the Senate and the Explorer's League. The senator plans and executes expeditions to search for new artifacts as well as treasure hunts. They are also in charge of monitoring the kingdom's vaults and ensuring the local Thanes, who collect the taxes (set by the Senator of Transactions) from their Clans, send the appropriate sum in time.

The Seat of Magical Affairs: Illyanaeth Arcweaver (Illyanaeth-DefiasBrotherhood)

The Seat of the Occult handles everything beyond the physical realm — affairs of spiritual nature, religion and all sorts of magic. The senator also serves as a liaison between the Senate and the Temple of Ironforge, the Arcane Library of Ironforge — as well as all the practitioners of arcane, divine or other.

The Seat of Order: Sebastian Hutchins (Hutchins-DefiasBrotherhood)

The Seat of Order is responsible for the senatorial branch of the Khaz Modan armed forces, including the guards. They are responsible for monitoring the movement of the armies and planning tactics they use in the field, as well as ensuring the quality of the guards' work.
The Seat of Order also handles the legislature of Ironforge. It is their job to organize and maintain the law and justice system in Khaz Modan. The senator is also the High Judge of Ironforge, and it is their job to make sure that criminals are prosecuted and punished — as well as organizing and appointing the judges of Khaz Modan.

The Seat of Relations: - Heir'tar Blazesong  (Charlieblaze-DefiasBrotherhood)

The Senator of Relations handles all foreign relations and organizes the Khaz Modan diplomatic corps. While most major decisions lie with the full senate, the Senator of Relations is at liberty to conclude most non-vital affairs on their own. The senator also handles the relations between the senate and the citizens, as well as coordinating affairs regarding dwarven traditions that are not of spiritual nature, such as the brewfest, parades and other mundane celebrations.

The Seat of Transactions: - Isadore Keaton (Isadore-TheVentureCo)

The Seat of Transactions handles the equipment, trade routes, supply lines and logistics of Khaz Modan. It is their duty to ensure that both the military forces and the citizens of Ironforge are always kept supplied. The senator also handles all the industrial and technological advances on the Kingdom, and is responsible for the overview of the research of new instruments and weapons to help on the development of the Dwarven society. In addition the senator handles all trading with our revered allies, and finances of the Kingdom as well as deciding the taxes throughout all Dwarven territories.

Additional Members

Royal Liaison: Senator Barin Redstone (NPC)

The royal liaison serves as the link between the senate and the king. It is he who presents and discusses the senate's suggestions with the king for consideration.

Grand Chancellor: Cyrík Blackforge (Cyrík-DefiasBrotherhood)

The Grand Chancellor is the chairman of the senate; declaring when senate will begin and end, decides the program of the day and decides who may and may not speak providing order and making sure certain protocols are kept to.


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The Seats - Info and Vacancies Empty Re: The Seats - Info and Vacancies

Post by Cid on Thu Jan 10, 2019 1:02 pm

Slightly outdated atm, hence I post this.

Seat of Artifacts: Vacant

Seat of Magic: Illyanaeth Arcweaver

Seat of Order: Thedgrok Slaghammer

Seat of Relations: Vacant

Seat of Transactions: Vacant

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