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[A] Charity Auction - Thursday 7th April 20:00 Empty [A] Charity Auction - Thursday 7th April 20:00

Post by Maelmoor on Tue Apr 05, 2016 12:38 pm

*posters can be found in and around Stormwind*

It is with great pleasure the House of Nobles will arrange a Charity Auction for the families who lost someone in the war in Draenor. It is important that we remember those who lost someone and might struggle to put food on the table, these families shouldn't suffer because a beloved one gave their life to protect our freedom.

All funds raised during the Auction will go to these families, you can help by either offer a service or item for auction or you can come to place bids. Please notice that all services and items in the auction must follow Stormwind law. Normal auction rules applies, highest bid will win.

There will also be an opportunity to buy a floral arrangement at the site, the cost will cover the flowers and all profit will go to the good cause.

In order to keep our sellers and bidders happy and keep the bids coming both food and drinks will be served.

If you want to sell an item or service simply turn up before the auction and inform either Eveline Williams or Maelmoor Lightbringer.

Date and time:
Thursday 7th 20:00

Stormwind, Mage District, outside the Slaughtered Lamb

*signed with the stamp of House of Nobles*

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[A] Charity Auction - Thursday 7th April 20:00 Empty Re: [A] Charity Auction - Thursday 7th April 20:00

Post by Kelinn Everstride on Wed Apr 06, 2016 2:44 am

As the poster flutters slightly in the breeze, a smiles comes across my face and I think to myself... *Good! Something of use to these families.* I take a note of the date, time and location and decide this is a worthy cause that must be supported.
Kelinn Everstride
Kelinn Everstride

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